Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Within the framework of disease prevention and health promotion are health screenings and health education. Health screenings are methods developed to identify potential and actual health problems in targeted populations.

An appropriate list of healthcare referrals for use in follow-up of identified problems is provided during screenings. Health education is conducted in the community for professionals and lay individuals to address potential and actual health problems.

Screening and education programs may be offered solely by Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Incorporated, or offered in collaboration with professional organizations, community organizations, regional associations, and national partnerships. Emphasis is placed on high-risk groups, vulnerable and under-served populations.


1. Hypertension education and screening (Signature Project)


2. Cancer Education and Screening


3. Sickle Cell Disease

Programs for Seniors

Programs for seniors provide various services such as travel assistance, health education, assistance with navigating the health care system, a system for checking on the well being of the elderly who live alone, as well as other programs as assessed by chapter members, that fit the mission of “service for humanity”.

Programs for Youth and Young Adults

These programs may be varied and include a variety of experiences that are offered for youth and young adults. Programs may include health education sessions, peer forums, mentoring, and health care experiences.

Community Health Outreach

This program is designed to serve our own (the membership). Programs are designed to assist members who are ill, experiencing difficulty, or limited in some way. Activities include but are not limited to, phone calls, visitation, transportation, and special assistance as needed.

Leadership Development

Leadership development programs are designed to assist the members in the development of effective leadership skills. These programs include member development, officer development, the Leadership Fellows Program, and the professional development program.



The Sorority provides financial assistance to nursing students who meet established criteria as identified by the National Office. Awards are also made on local and regional levels.

Recruitment and Retention

Programs are provided to promote interest in nursing careers. Financial, tutorial assistance, and mentoring are provided to matriculating undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in accredited nursing programs.

Research Development

The research development program is design to provide assistance to novice and seasoned researchers with scholarly activity that addresses research investigating health promotion, disease preventions, and health maintenance projects in vulnerable and underserved populations.

Activity within the research development program provides mentoring for novice researchers to write grants that will assist in data acquisition related to Chi Eta Phi’s “service for humanity”.

Additionally, the program awards small grants to novice and seasoned researchers. The members of this committee will collaborate with the Grant Writing Committee and other experts in Chi Eta Phi as necessary.